Please print the Patient Welcome Sheet and the appropriate Info Sheet; fill these out and bring them to your first visit.

At your first visit, everything is free. You will receive a complimentary x-ray, and Dr. Jones will perform a comprehensive examination. (Kids, there will be NO shots and NO sharp pointy things in your mouth. We'll just count and look at your teeth... promise!) As a forewarning to those who have never met him, Dr. Jones can be very silly, so be prepared.

If Dr. Jones recommends treatment, and you choose to proceed, the next step will be getting pictures of your teeth (so that we can have "before" and "after" photos!). If a follow-up discussion is necessary, Dr. Jones will either meet with you again in person or call you (if more convenient) to make sure everyone fully understands the plan for braces treatment.

Now it's time to have your braces put on! This process takes between 1 and 2 hours, and it does not hurt. However, that evening when your teeth start moving you will feel some pressure or tightness. At day 3 or 4 this will pass (we'll give you some tips on how to manage your discomfort), and after 2-3 weeks the braces will hardly impact your life at all. Of course, if you ever need anything you may call Dr. Jones!

Regular appointments are about 20-30 minutes in length. At first, your appointments will be 6-8 weeks apart. Toward the end of treatment, however, appointments may be scheduled 3-4 weeks apart, as we make small adjustments to perfect your smile. Keeping regular appointments is important!

Some of the insurances for which we are providers are: Delta Dental Premier Plus, Florida Combined, Cigna PPO, Ameritas, Guardian, MetLife, Principal, United Healthcare PPO, Dentemax, and UniCare. Other plans are also accepted, so please ask us if you don't see yours listed above. If we are not providers for your insurance plan, we are happy to file the claim and handle any questions from the insurance company.

We think you'll be surprised at how affordable your fee is. We want everyone to have the experience of a beautiful, confident smile! We offer a discount for payment in full, but we also offer payment plans for families on a tight budget.

Our fees are tailored to your needs. In other words, longer, more complicated treatment will cost more than shorter, less complicated treatment...but before you start thinking, "then my treatment will definitely cost a lot," WAIT!

Teeth that LOOK very crooked are often easier to correct than people think. Usually it's the things people don't notice as much, like certain bite problems, that take the longest to fix. Often, people who thought their treatment was going to be very complicated (because their teeth LOOK very "messed-up") are surprised to find out that it's relatively simple to correct. Other people, who think their teeth are pretty straight and just need some "fine-tuning," find out that their treatment is more involved than they thought it would be. The only way you'll know for sure is to come in for an exam and let us help you understand your problems and your options.